February 9, 2010

February Funk

It hit me today.


People, things, songs, and conversations all began reminding me of the less-then-lovely moments of last semester. It makes me cringe.

Silly, I know. A rush of frustration fills my mind and unfortunately dictates how I treat the unsuspecting people who cross my path. My apologies.

Women are notorious for having the ability to "sense" things. You may hear a woman say "I have an eerie feeling about this". Its true, women can sense danger.

What am I supposed to think when I just have this bad feeling that won't go away? Not towards any particular person, but in general. Its a cross between the feeling that something big is coming that I was supposed to have prepared for that I am completely anything but prepared for. The other feeling is the "someone has a conflict with me" feeling.

I'm crazy.
February Funk has poisoned my brain.
I'm right.

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