February 21, 2010

"There's something relieving when you put your pride down"

A friend and I found ourselves in a conversation about life, what we are learning, and how it all applies to us. We stumbled upon so many different important and real heart issues, one being pride.

It's something that I have been thinking about lately. Another friend told me about "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis and her discoveries about the issue of pride. Mr. Lewis claims that pride is the root of many things in life. I have yet to read "Mere Christianity", as it sits waiting to be read beneath "Captivating", beneath my Bible, beneath Vogue. Thats sad, but its the order of what's being read more frequently.

There is pride in having pride.

Does that make sense?

If someone knew what relief that they would feel once they "die to themselves" there would be a whole lot more humble and gracious people. It's pride that keeps one from putting down their pride. Its our own pride that holds us back.

As my friend and I sat in the car discussing battles we face, things we went through and where we are now, there was an overwhelming theme of "If I would have only known what I know now, then. I wouldn't of had all that heart ache".

Isn't that interesting?

Why is it that we learn more from when times are hard or painful, more so then when they are good?

My friend told me that she wants to see pain as a good thing.

Something I have learned from experiencing "pain" or hardships is that you can have joy all the way through.

Thats amazing. Our God is amazing, in that. It's amazing that the Holy Spirit can point out in us things that offend God, and yet we be completely encouraged and Loved at the same time.

God is really a good God.

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