January 18, 2010

Something spectacular

8:00 AM class this semester and its Accounting.

First thoughts were "oh dear, me + numbers = fail" next thought was " me + 8AM = fail".
I discovered that if you actually read the book, you can actually form insightful thoughts during discussion. ::gasp::

Never mind all that, the best part about this 8AM Accounting class located in the business building, is not that its next to my dorm but that the class room has windows! HUGE windows...And when the sun is finally making its way to the center of the sky, something spectacular happens. I sit in the back you see, because 1. I'm cool like that and 2. I have the best view of the biggest, baddest, most beautiful tree! The dew covers the tree limbs and the morning fog creates beams from the sun that seem so thick you could cut it with a knife and serve it with tea...picture Lord of the Rings style, hobbits frolicking, borderline Avatar, minus neon colors and giant blue aliens that have sex with their hair follicles. (that movie is a whole other post)

It's picture perfect. Anyone who is interested in photography, I suggest, no I insist on an 8AM shoot capturing natures 'good morning'.

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