January 13, 2010

Ambition, it's contagious.

Well, its official I am now a Marketing Major. I think this will suit me much better than Communications. It's not like I'm not seeking to be a lawyer, although I secretly think that's a glamorous profession, but maybe that's because I think arguing to prove a point and then profiting from that won argument, sounds divine. Realistically, I know it requires many hours pouring over books, documents and coffee which will in return give me yellow teeth and a developed smoking habit from all the stress. Yes, marketing is much better for me.

I am pursing the fashion industry as one of the paths I could take. Marketing is every where and all around you. The soap that you hopefully use in the shower, the clothes that you wear, the shoes and toothpaste. Something caused you to buy those products, thats marketing. I'm not naive to think that I could end up in a career path I never dreamed of, hey I can be realistic you know, despite my inclination to idealize life :)I'm working on building a portfolio of pictures from fashion shoots that I style and direct, also I plan on putting a few excerpts that I wrote on fashion related topics. Small, but these are the steps I am taking in pursuit of my ideal career.

OH and for my own personal pleasure, I am putting together my very first coffee table book. Its currently in the making, being glued together, drawn and written in. Look for it soon on my creative coffee table made out of two outdoor picnic end tables, in my quaint yet homey dorm room. Its red with white polka dots and full of cut outs from my favorite magazines, quotes, articles and who knows what else.

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