December 10, 2009

This semester has been a journey...

I don't think its possible for God to be ironic. I think irony is what happens when we suddenly tune in to what God is doing in our life and in everyone's lives around us. It's only ironic because we did not create all, we do not know all or see all.

This week has been revolutionary in my spiritual walk.

I had a talk with someone who basically counseled me. It was great. Definitely revealing, though.

As this semester comes to a close, I look back and I'm not even sure if I could say I am the same person today then I was this summer. I have changed, and I'm starting to see how God has been continually molding and shaping me into the person he desires me to be.

Someone told me this semester after I expressed that growing sucks,"Its not called growing pains for no reason". How true it is. Changes and growth is great and shows that we are maturing, and more times than not we are thankful for the changes and growth we go through, but it still sucks sometimes. I have experienced this first hand.

I haven't stopped yet to process all the changes and growth, but I think this winter break has come a great time in my life.

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