December 7, 2009


Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1Peter 4:8

Difficult sometimes. To love people.

Here's something I realized though; we get joy, real joy from obeying God. I think we all know how to obey, but sometimes we get spiritually lazy. And eventually we are so far off track that we are consumed and blinded by our own deceptions. We have a distorted depiction of life and people. We push people and things away that reveal even the slightest sliver of the true state our heart is in. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible,for it is light that makes everything visible. Ephesians 5:13-14

It's a trap. You so desperately want to feel the connection to God. It was instilled in us when we were created in His image. Your amounted expectations were not met, so you get angry. You have seen something pure be poisoned, or maybe the Church herself let you down. The back bone of your faith, now tainted by sin. People fail you. You feel rejection. You try to have a connection with God, but the lack of consistency has you running in circles. You feel like your starting over again "fresh start". Eventually it becomes tedious, and your motives change. You become distraught, and you give up all together the pursuit of Christ.

And all of a sudden you're going through life with the windows fogged. You no longer can clearly see what you want. Worldly things or goals replace Christs purpose for you. You suddenly have a void that you start to fill with whatever is most convenient. You search for distractions that you think will somehow diminish the obvious severance between you and the Almighty. You develop shallow relationships with people, because being vulnerable means letting someone in. You're surrounded with people who may just be as lost as you, but instead of admitting you need spiritual accountability and encouragement, you put up a front.

I hear people say all the time "We all go through 'rough patches' in our life"...Patch infers a short time, but whats a short time? A week? A month? Years? Not that I don't agree that each of us go through times in our life when our faith is tested. I've said that phrase before to people. "oh, don't worry everyone goes through this". I fear that statement was said only because I can't help someone get out of that rut. Thats God's job. Its a fear to not say what you know to be truth, but to walk on egg shells around someone like that. Sugar coating the truth. Sometimes we need to hear truth, in love.

Here's the deal. I'm writing this because I felt conviction. God designed me, with a heart for people. Most people who know me, know this to be true. Here's something I have been thinking about lately; your biggest strength can be your biggest weakness. Because of sin, the one area I feel most confident in becomes a daily burden I lay at the foot of the cross, asking Jesus for forgiveness because (fill in the blank). What I mean is, when we are walking with Him its evident, and when we are not, its even more revealing.

I pray everyday that the people I interact with would experience a love that is so pure and perfect that is found in Christ alone. I ask God to use me, that His love would shine through me, and that people would recognize that light and not me.

It's beautiful when I refuse my selfish, sinful ways and I choose to follow Him. It's hideous when I don't.

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Romans 12:9-10

So, I will obey and love. I will fail. I will daily come to the cross. It's a daily dependence on Him, and he is good and faithful.

Live and Love because God says so. Obey.

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