November 5, 2009


I was looking back on my journal when I first got to school this year, and I have realized just how much growth has taken place in my life and heart. It was interesting that one of the things I prayed about was that God would bring me relationships with people that I should have and take away ones that I shouldn't.

I have seen God answer that prayer both ways. Its awesome the new friendships I have! But its sometimes hard to let go of the ones that obviously are not meant to be.

I huff and puff and get all worked up, but when it comes down to it, I am so content. God has given me so much peace. I have no reason not to believe that God is in control. I am resting in His hands and I continue to have a heart that trusts and thirsts for Him. I used to hear people say that they "trust" or "thirst" for God, and I didn't think that type of consistency existed.

God proved me wrong. and continues to prove that wrong daily.

on another note:
I have decided that next year for Halloween I am going to be a loofah!


Kate said...

can i be a loofah too???

priscilladanai said...

oh my gosh! a loofah!! how did you find that??