November 15, 2009

if you want to live in the "real" world, live it. jbu or not. it has nothing to do with it

its taking over life. for realz. im kind of over it. ( I say kind of, because i feel hypocritical) Will I get rid of mine? Probably not, but its so stupid how much drama is on it. its not reality. I would much rather talk to people face to face.

if you dont like JBU, why dont you leave? I'm a little confused by the people who stick around, and continue to complain about it. They need to get over it. No one likes a complainer. thats the truth :)

im so glad that i go to jbu. for numerous reasons. i visited a friend at oru and although i loveeee my friend, to death! i could never imagine myself at a school with a curfew and other strict rules. man. alive. never. could. i . ever.

im a little peeved with tolls, and the highway system coming back from tulsa. i got lost. for 5 hours. it sucked. the only thing that got me through it without crying was the tulsa christmas radio station. it kept my heart warm lol.

do you like how to-the-point, im being. it has a hidden meaning DUN DUN DUNNN.

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