July 17, 2009

Happy 30th

This is my 30th post, say whatttttt...So in its honor I will list 30 random thoughts on my life...

Here we go:

1. I am a dumb ass.
2. I don't really like soda, yet I drink it.
3. I feel like writing in a blog is very hipster, and I am just not that cool.
4. I think I am really cool, and people don't realize it.
5. I joke a lot.
6. Boys are silly
7. I am the worlds WORST speller.
8. I never read books when I was younger.
9. I got my tongue pierced and I like it...even if people judge me for it.
10. Positivity is the best policy
11. My mom is always right, even when I refuse to believe it.
12. Pink is suddenly becoming less of an attractive color to my eyes.
13. My God Reigns.
14. I miss my friends at JBU.
15. I'm sick of being the third wheel, all of the time.
16. I wish boys would man up, grow some balls, and do something dangerous with me.
17. The above statement was not meant to be sexual in any way.
18. I joke about marrying rich, when really its not a joke at all.
19. My out-going personality and funny sense of humor is a front a lot of the times.
20. The only reason why Mexican is my favorite ethnic food is because of the chips and salsa.
21. Jazz and swing artists like Louie Armstrong, and Sinatra can pull me out of any bad mood.
22. I regret quitting my schools soccer team.
23. I want to work in PR for a fashion label.
24. I will live in New York City before I die.
25. I am very bad with money.
26. I miss band, choir, show choir and woman's a capella group...i miss music in my life.
27. People don't realize that I am a very analytical person.
28. The first thing I notice is what you are wearing.
29. I could never date anyone who had bad style, or wasn't teachable ;)
30. I like the smell of rain on hot pavement.

1 comment:

Kate said...

I agree pretty much 100% with all of that.
Except i don't think blogs are hipster.
GOOD blogs are hipster, but honey, there are some pretty sucky (mom) blogs out there :)

I hope i get to see you back at school and that you aren't too busy being an RA!