May 14, 2009

Summer time, and the livin' is easy...

It's summer, and  that means I am looking for a job and I am realizing that its far more fun to wake up at 8 in the morning to enjoy a full summers day. Just so you know, I am so not a 'morning person'. 

This summer is different. I am home to my parents and quickly finding out that, although I may have grown emotionally and spiritually this past year in college, my parents are the same when I left them. Their problems are still the same, and they treat me the same. This is not to  say that my parents are bad parents, by any means but things are just, different. 
My first year in college I made friendships like I have never had before. My friends were constantly building me up and challenging me spiritually. I know that God will use me this summer in my parents and siblings lives. I have realized that my family constantly tears each other down, and never really encourages one another. This is something that the Lord has been pressing on me to address this summer. To encourage my mom and my dad, will be a blessing. To pour into their lives.
Its crazy how much I have changed over the past year. I am excited for what the summer holds, but I am scared as all get out. My biggest fear for this summer is to return to the old habits and ways that I had prior to college. My prayer is that my relationship with Christ is furthered, and that by August I will be ready to take on 50 freshman girls as their RA...

PS. Thai food is awesome, coffee is GREAT and driving with windows down, music blaring is the way to LIVE. 

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