April 27, 2009


HOKAY so. My roommate keeps starring at me as I talk in three different accents in one sentenceee....

Here is the FOUR ONE ONE; people are DYING from a pig flu, thats a lil cra cra (pronounced creh-creh)...Obama is creeping up to his 100 day in office...what has he managed to do? Spend a BUTT load of money, dig our economy deeper into a hole, bow to terrorists and sweet talk some Europeans.... hmm. SO that was a complete right wing view that was slightly exaggerated, I will humbly admit. MANGO is a cousin to poison ivy, and apparently you should stay away from the seed and the peel...or else your lips will break out in hives...(these things only happen in my life) LAUGHING is good for the soul...and I laugh, a lot. Therefore, my soul is better than yours? Not sure where I was going with that. Math, I have decided is useless for my brain to try and comprehend. People are very interesting. Feelings are abundant and do not go away when you ask. Graham cracker's are good. French is prettier than Spanish, but English dominates :) My math teacher in high school once told me that my brain was full of useless information and that I would do well in trivia games, this is perhaps the explanation of my sour resentment towards
math. Boys will never get a date with any girl if they smell bad, they should know this by now! Boys think to hard with their dicks. (ha oopse, i said it) Even good 'ol christian boys do... I love coldplay. I will be a star some day. OH you just wait and see.... I think it would be fun to be on SNL or MAD TV. I wish my school had an improve team. I wish my school had an accapella group. I wish I had finished my math earlier so that when I finish writing this sentence I can go to bed.

I wish.

ps. what if my life was a reality tv show....would you watch it?

So that was me compiling what I REALLY think about life.

stay tuned, for the second episode ;)

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Kate said...

Hell yes I would watch it!

oops. excuse my french =)