October 26, 2008


My sister Genevieve is in China teaching English at a university in Beijing. We were talking on the phone the other day and I was complaining about my professors and how hard they were, and how much work I have to do and how many books I was supposed to read. Hearing the distress in my voice she made me a deal, she could tell I want to do well, but that I lack motivation or incentive. Of course you remember when you were little and your parents told you that if you behaved while you were in the store they would by you some bubble gum (or whatever a 5 years go for). Incentives, along with reverse phsycology have worked miricles on kids! Not to say that they are right, or that parents should bribe kids with food, no wonder america is so fat, but hey it shut them up and both ends got what they wanted. Anyways back to China and my sister, she made me an offer (I could not refuse-godfather!). She told me that by the end of this semester if I get a 3.0 gpa she will buy me a really nice REAL immatation purse. Now that is something I could go for! After all she is in the perfect place where purses grow from trees! Then it got even better, she offered me that every point after a 3.0; 3.1,3.2, etc. she would by me a purse.... now thats incentive for me!

Sad I supposed, but I can not help that A. I am a GIRL and B. I LIKE being a GIRL. :) pretty things ooo and aww me and purses happen to be one of them. After all you can't have too many purses, isn't that right ladies? OH, the man that I am to marry :)

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Kate said...

it's a date! you name the time.