November 1, 2015

Cute, Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

This post goes out to my lovely friends who dressed up for my Halloween Eve party -- never compete with bars that have more booze on Halloween.

The party was a hit! I'm convinced the secret to throwing a successful shin-dig is offering your guests more than just a living room and kitchen to congregate. The Halloween Eve party allowed friends to graze the party food in the dining room, refill drinks in the kitchen, play adult ping pong (wink wink) in the basement and warm up by the out door fire pit. Believe me, your introverted friends will be relieved that they have multiple areas to retreat to - plus how much small talk can you really have over jalapeno poppers and party punch? 

Dalmatian, Strawberry, Lobster

St. Louis Cardinals 250 Birthday Cake and Tinder

Animal Control and Crazy Cat lady


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