February 4, 2015

Because Life Is Too Short


"Most people work just hard enough not to get fired 
and get paid just enough money not to quit."
George Carlin

I read that quote back in October when I was feeling discouraged by my negative work environment and posted this:
"I've been called innocent before, because of my positive attitude in the work place. It's not that I don't get bogged down working the nine-to-five or fed up with office politics. It's that I work hard to not let those things define my work ethic or keep me chained to a desk I'm no longer learning in. I think I'm who marketers like to call, "a mysterious millennial". 
We're not all lazy and non-committal. We crave more out of life than just a j-o-b, we're picky and our dreams go far beyond the white picket fence and pretty pensions. But we work for Gen X and they just don't get it."

I realized that this quote defined the majority of my coworkers.

And I wasn't going to let it define me.

So I quit.

I put my resignation in two weeks ago without having another job.

I know risky.

I've battled my own fears and insecurities,
feeling like the most irresponsible 25 year old "typical millennial",
who throws in the towel on a stable job.

I battled for several months if I should just quit,
all the while submitting resumes left and right for positions within other companies.

Over the holidays I had a refreshing conversation with my cousin who's in residence at Mayo Clinic.

In his very calm, confident, "doctor voice" he asked me two simple questions and told me if I answer yes to both I have to quit, but if I answer no to at least one I have to stay indefinitely;

Doc: "Are you unhappy at your job?"

Me: "Yes."

Doc: "Would you be happier if you quit?"

Me: "Yes."

Doc: "Well, then you have to quit."

In those two very simple questions I found my answer and courage to quit my job.

Today is my last day and I already feel like a burden has lifted.

Don't get me wrong,
I don't think that everyone should quit their job if they're unhappy.
There was a lot more that went into my work environment that led me to quit that I don't feel is necessary to disclose.

However, too many people settle for desks that don't challenge them to keep growing and learning.

I hope to never settle and to always have the courage to move on when it's necessary.

Because life is too short.

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