May 6, 2013


Since moving to Dallas, 
I've had the privilege of being involved 
in a women's ministry called The Marcella Project

Naturally, my role has geared towards 
what I enjoy doing most and what I got my degree in, Marketing.

Along with this role has come community with like-minded women,
desire for more knowledge of Gods word, 
further understanding for how He intends to live through me
and questions, questions, more questions.

Over the weekend I participated in a Basic's 101 Course.
It's goal is to teach women, who are involved in ministry,
how to teach Gods word. 

Most women who take the course
work in churches and have never been to seminary.
We are taught how to study the word through it's original context,
and to understand the meaning of scripture that the author intended for it's original audience. 

We have a month to prepare a manuscript (sermon)
around a scripture passage of our choice and
then we critique each other's presentation.

One of my biggest questions I've been wrestling with
is holiness. 

As a single, young, American woman, who is a daughter of the King of Kings
and therefore called to righteousness, what does having a healthy relationship
with my personal sexuality look like?

Something I think the church blows over,
maybe to avoid controversy, but nonetheless
 it leaves young men and women left to ignore 
and avoid the reality that they were created as sexual beings.

A big negative stamp gets plastered on the subject of our sexuality. 

But wait. 
So does my sexuality only become apart of who I am
when I have a ring on my finger, a wedding in a church,
with the white dress and all?

This world needs the voice of truth
especially about sexuality.
I can't think of a more culturally relevant issue today, 
or a more broken aspect of our humanity.

Our culture is crying out for answers.
Where is the church?

So, as I prepare my manuscript 
I'll give you one guess what I will be focusing on...

Thank goodness I didn't sell back my Keener Bible Commentary!

And here I go...

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