March 31, 2013


I woke up this morning giddy. 
Like when it's your birthday, 
or the first day of school -- 
giddy like it was Christmas morning. 

Today was Easter Sunday. 
I wasn't spending it with my family 
at home like I've normally done in the past, 
and I wasn't enthusiastic about Easter candy, 
chocolate bunnies or lamb cake covered in frosting. 

I was genuinely excited that Christ was Risen. 
I thought about how we celebrate Christ's coming into this world 
and the hype that comes with the Christmas traditions. 
Yet, the pinnacle moment 
for the entire Christian faith 
rests on Easter. 

Jesus rose from the dead, 
completing His ministry and 
conquering death once and for all. 
He died and three days later, 
He was resurrected.

I was elated this morning 
that my Jesus was faithful to His word, 
to bring forth life out of the grave,
to bestow grace and peace on all,  
and to extend to me forgiveness 
for my life's work of sin. 

Such beauty that rests in the reality of His death and resurrection. 

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

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