January 23, 2013

Live a full life now, not later.

Dear lovelies,

I've joked with my friends about giving them my, "this is the prime time baby" pep talk, but in reality it's very much how I view this stage of life. So many of us (post college grads) are thrown into society wondering and hoping for our futures. Future jobs (oh Lord have mercy on me), future misters, future cities, future friends etc... 

I just want to take a moment to help all of us remember that there is purpose in every season of life. It would be silly for any of us to miss out on what is in store, right where we are. Here's my you're-only-in-your-twenties-for-ten-years pep talk: Live day-by-day (we're only guaranteed 24 hours), love those in your life well, and put your trust in the God who knows exactly what's next.

P.S. Live in the prime time, baby!

Much love,

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