October 22, 2012

Therefore humble yourselves
under the mighty hand of God,
that He may exalt you in due time 
1Peter 5:6 
Every new moment presents the opportunity to remember that life is not about me. Pleasing others is not the command with which that has been set for me, rather living to please God. It's taken the sum of many moments, and conversations with others who have shared similar ones as well, to recognize that sharing in the glorious nature of Christ does not necessarily mean "the pursuit of happiness".

My sister is suffering from a broken relationship. She said something scandalous to me while we were talking on the phone, "People assume that the pursuit of happiness is our objective in life, but its not." While we can't escape the twists and turns in life, we don't have to run away from them when they come either. When someone experiences pain or suffering, people are quick to say things that would lend to reaching optimal happiness despite your situation. She pushed back on that and suggested how can this be true, when Christ suffered and calls our suffering with him something that is 'granted', almost like a privilege (Philippians 1:29).

Suffering is not a bad thing, in fact it has opened doors to true redemption and joy in my life. Rather than offering words that would assume happiness is the ultimate goal in life, recognize the true gift it is to suffer and come to know Christ in deeper ways. Offer the truth and encouragement that compels others to thrive and seek Him during trials in life.

Seeking Christ during a trial in life has never completely excluded me from experiencing suffering, on the contrary it always included me. I know more firmly, how much God loves us. I understand the pain Jesus experiences from our rejecting of Him. I hope more and have bigger faith in God. You see, suffering is a gift when we choose to surrender it to the Creator. It becomes an avenue to bear fruit and grow in His strength. This is why I am thankful. This is why I can rejoice in bad times just as well in the good. Nothing compares to knowing Him. Nothing satisfies me more.

So in times of suffering seek to know and believe in Truth, because He will be faithful and He will exalt you.


maddmae4 said...

I loved this post! I just wanted to know I take great encouragement from your blog! As a fellow lover of traveling and Jesus, your blog is just wonderful! So glad I stumbled upon it!

Susan said...

Thank you and I'm so glad to be able to encourage you :)