October 1, 2012

{ Sexy }

I had breakfast this past Saturday with a mom and her three beautiful girls. She answered the door with a little one clinging to her legs and I was greeted immediately with a hug from a two year old. Her husband had to work that morning and she was left with the kiddo's. 

Her four year old came into the room asking if she could have something, and trailed off when she saw the stranger in front of her. She twisted her hands in front of her mouth, swung her hips side to side, in a sort of shy kind of way and said hello. Her mom introduced me as, "Miss Susan" and the little girl immediately started to tell me about her Barbie collection. I could hear a baby in the background crying and was left with the two and four year old little girls, while their mom went to hold the crying baby. 

We ate strawberries, a sweet danish that had been warmed up in the oven, and blackberry smoothies. I watched as this woman, who I've only known previous as my professor, instantly become a down-to-earth mom, gently correcting her children and asking them to "play nicely, or else". I was given lots of "sugar" that morning, which in two year old language means kisses.

There was so much going on and I couldn't help but smile as the morning went on. The baby spit up on my professors arm and without missing a beat, she quickly wiped it up as she continued our conversation. At one point, the two year old came into the room and within moments the mom-instinct kicked in,"did you go poo-poo?" This was a big moment because the two year old was being potty trained. Before I knew it, I was given the baby to hold and there was a quick circus to the bathroom, where she finished her poo-poo on the "big girl" potty. Celebration immediately followed and the proud mama exclaimed, in her high pitched voice, her excitement for her little "big" girl! Gummies were given to consecrate the glorious moment and of course, big sister got some too. 

The oldest had a soccer game to get to, so we quickly ended breakfast and managed to get her dressed, and all of them into the car. I stood on the field among other parents, holding the wild two year old in my arms, while my professor and I finished up our morning together.

Chaos. Beautiful chaos. I walked away impressed and amazed. What a privilege to be a mother. Children are gifts, complicated, stressful, tiring and expensive gifts. I walked away feeling full and believing in the glorious nature of womanhood or something. Life is beautiful

I've never looked at being a mom, as a compliment. It was never something I wanted to hear, especially being in my young twenties. I remember when a boy (no less) told me I would make a good mom. I was mortified and reacted by rolling my eyes and downplaying the suggestion, because in my mind, being a mom wasn't sexy

I was wrong. There are not too many things that are more sexy than being a mom. Needless to say, I have a new aspiration. I want to be a mom. I want to wake up way too early for a Saturday next to my best friend and love that there are little feet running around, breaking things, going poo-poo on the big potty, and giving us lots of "sugar". I want it, all of it. 

So to all of those mommy's out there, rock it, because it's sexy.

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