October 9, 2012

Change: the (slightly) dramatic realization of the inevitable.

 roomies in college

The other morning we randomly met at the three way stop intersection off of University and Holly. It was seriously the saddest picture of what life was trying to tell us. She's married, graduated, living in a home and establishing her community. And I'm finishing up my degree, living in an apartment, searching for jobs in different cities and shaking an eight ball to try and help direct my future.

I was headed to my eight o'clock class when we came to the stop sign with a rolling stop (Missourians, it's a thing). We looked at each other with a sunken smile and a slight lift of the hand for a lousy wave as if to say, "Hi friend, how are you? I miss you. Hope you have a good day". We drove on towards our different days...and lives.

 It was so sad and I couldn't help but pity laugh at myself for reminiscing about the good times throughout the rest of my day. Change is good, or maybe that's just what we say to make everything okay. I'm having a peter pan moment and refusing to acknowledge the inevitable: we grow up and life goes on.

This is starting to sound too poetic, but despite the dramatic associations I have drawn from our morning run-in, there is something to learn here. Cherish your season in life. And come to a complete hault at stop signs. Isn't it the 3 second rule? "Stop, two, three, GO!"

Something like that.

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