May 16, 2012

A picture of my daily life in Nepal

 My New Zealand friend, Miriam and I made dinner one night together. Potatoes, vegetables and curry spices. We felt pretty proud of ourselves. 

So there is a garden right outside of the guest house where most of us eat dinner or just hang out and talk at night. Although mosquito's here are vicious! 

 View from my balcony. Amidst the cluttered houses and broken down shacks, the mountains are beautiful.

 On my way to work...This place is like a whole other world.

Here's a little fact, women wear red when they are married.

I've got a little crush on one of the INF guards, he's studying to get his masters and he can't pronounce my name, so every day when he opens the gate for me he says, "Namaste Sujen"...which apparently is a boys name here. Ha! So far, I've caught him singing to himself pretending that he was holding a microphone. What a cutie :)

A life update...I recently got a stomach bug probably from eating something or from the water in the shower. It was the most painful experience ever. I will spare you the details. The INF office jokes that I've successfully passed culture test # 1...I'm pretty sure I freaked out my mom, because I skyped her and looked near death! Anyway, I'm feeling much better now, so thank God! 

This organization that I'm working for is doing so much for the sick and disabled in Nepal. It's an organization worth knowing and supporting. I would definitely make a visit to their website to see frequent article updates of some Nepali people with amazing stories! (INF website

I've been learning about people with leprosy or severe disabilities traveling days to get to the INF hospital and carrying with them the rejection and abandonment from loved ones because of their conditions. It is simply heart breaking. There is a lot of injustice and evil that goes generations back from religious traditions. It's hard as a western Christian to wrap your mind around it. 

I read a story about a woman with an ovarian cyst the size of a volleyball. She was seen by an INF nurse who told the husband that his wife needed immediate medical care. The nurse had thought that she had persuaded the husband to make the journey to the hospital, but the husband was told to consult a witch doctor, who told the husband that the growth on his wife's abdomen was an evil spirit and they must get rid of it. The woman was then jumped on until the growth on her abdomen was no longer there. The jumping caused the cyst to burst and resulted in internal bleeding leading to the woman's death. The INF nurse heard women wailing as she was walking past the home and walked into the yard to find the lifeless body. It's a mixture of ignorance and evil. Those type of stories are what I'm learning about, it's uncomfortable and hard to fathom. 

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