April 30, 2012


Johanna Merwin

The sunshine spreads upon the shore
And foamy waves advance in war
Against the sand and beach
That fights against those waves to keep
A semblance of itself

“Come out into the great unknown
Let me show you mysteries sown
Into the fabric of this fight
And lead you to darkest night
So you can find yourself”

“I can’t! I can’t!” protests the sand.
“I won’t submit into your hand
You do not know how small I am
I am too small, you understand,
To do this to myself.”

“Yes you’re small and do not know
All the good I have to show
You must not fight, resist no more.
It’s time you know the things in store
When you become yourself.

“I do not trust, though I will go
Into your arms, into the throes
Of everything that makes me fear
With all the things that I hold dear. 
I want to be myself.

The sunshine dances atop the deep
Below the currents stretch and sweep
And hold the small one in their arms
As she discovers all the charms
Of loving herself. 

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