February 22, 2012

there she goes, flying around.

I sat and watched the sunset at my favorite spot and I could feel myself unwinding. As if the day's stresses, paused for 7 whole minutes. I sat in silence and watched the sun dip below the tree line.

'You're sunsets always get me, God.' They have always seemed to calm my storms. As soon as 10 minutes rolled around, I found myself running in circles, lost in my words being pouring out onto paper, just trying make sense of everything.

Then I heard it again, "Be still, my beloved"... I sat in more silence and a single tear rolled down my face. I knew that this was the moment I was to surrender it all and trust Him...once again.

Life is full of moment's. And God has given me a rich and beautiful life. It's richness is filled to the brim with lovely, painful, sustaining, awe inspiring, playful, difficult, hard, joyful moments. And in every single one of those moments, there is still my choice to give Him the glory.

When I choose Him, I am satisfied and made whole.

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