January 31, 2012

Dear Friend,

I found this letter I wrote back in the beginning of December in my prayer journal today. I remember when the Spirit laid this on my heart for someone, I intended to rip it out of my journal and send it, but I didn't. Maybe because I needed to hear those words myself and be reminded of His promises today. It's so true that when we are in a place of surrender, He uses us. I need to find that place today.
He was smiling at you, not because he takes joy in your inner struggle but because He takes pleasure in molding you. The smile that He could not help but have, was drawn from the hope of all that He has in store for your life. I smiled because of it and praised His name. The Lord brings our issues to the surface and most of the time its painful to see them bubbling to the top, but He’s not a God without purpose. He intends for your joy to be all that much more and that will come after you have experienced His hand of restoration.

He knows your anxious thoughts and He desires you to place them on His alter. He’s calling to you to bask in His splendor, to take part in the joy stored for you because of His Son. Like a playful child excited for an adventure, He’s asking you to trust Him and to allow Him to overcome your anxious thoughts of the future, your fears of failure and guilt that weighs you down. You are free to walk in the way of His truth, to abide in His peace and to proclaim His name great, because He is the Lord your God. Your rock. Your redeemer.

Throw off your burdens, entrust them onto his alter and walk towards His splendor. Joy is waiting for you.

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