November 16, 2011


It's unusual for me,

but for some reason it seems to be the only way to make sense of everything.

My thoughts and prayers are quite the opposite. I'm just letting all of them gather and rest in the realm of everything unspoken, yet known.

He listens to my heart and knows it very well. I ask Him for truth, and He guides me to Himself. I ask Him for clarity and He whispers, "wait". I ask Him to never let me wander away from His will and He consumes me with His love. I ask Him to wrestle with my heart and point out what's wrong with it, and He answers, "you're beautiful". I ask Him to test me because I want Him to be proud of who He's made me to be, and he responds, "be faithful".

And now I'm out of questions and I'm tired of asking...I just want to curl up inside His arms and know that He is good.

Learning. Hoping. Waiting.

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Elle said...

This is like poetry. So good.