September 25, 2011

There is a time for everything...

What shall I do with certainties found in my heart? Ignore them? Push them down? Embrace them? Its a funny thing, the intuition of a woman. I want to say that its my friend in most scenarios, however sometimes my intuitions are risky, even far-fetched. Nevertheless, my intution will not cease to exist and I'm faced with a battle; I can look around, search inward and try to get to the bottom of such certainties or simply trust and be still.

I can feel the Lord pulling it out of me, to become a woman of wisdom, a woman of patience and a woman who is faithful. This is a growing time, a time to be cherished and not wished away.

And intersting enough, I think the answer goes back to the idea of keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. In a moment I can look down and around and try to figure out just what is going on, but then I've missed the whole point. My eyes are no longer focused on Him, but rather on whats around me.

What a daily battle it has become, but one that is so worth a fight. I want to be full of wisdom, patient and faithful, but not without a fight. Not without times that challenge and stretch. This is that time and I must steward it well.

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Elle said...

Love this. The Lord makes everything Beautiful in it's time. So good to remember.