August 28, 2011


Heart posture. God cares a whole lot about the "posture" of my heart. Sometimes its easy to succeed with a posture that pleases the Lord and brings His name glory. Other times it takes throwing myself out of an attitude of self wallowing pit and reminding myself of the truth.

The truth. In this season of my life, I am a purser of Gods heart and His only. I have tasted and He has revealed to me, His mighty works in my life. I truly want what He wants for me. Despite temptations, hurtful words, my selfish perspective, need for immediate gratification and my poisonous past that lingers in my thoughts.

I must fight. Not just Satan's lies, but my own. My flesh tells me what I deserve and most often then not, it stems from a deeply rooted desire to be satisfied.

Fact. God satisfies those deep crevasses of our heart like nothing else this world can offer to you.

Seek. Surrender. Rest. This is part of "learning how to walk on water". Faithfully keeping my eyes set on my wonderful Creator and standing firm in resisting my quivering fear of the storm set before me. I love you, Jesus. Amen.

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