June 25, 2011


I've hit this wall and I can't seem to climb over it. I'm beginning to realize that observation only gets you so far and experience is really how you can relate to people...so what do I do if I can't seem to relate to my friends over the very thing in their life that has become so important. Its stressful and I'm racking my brain as to why I've begun to get short with my words and judgmental.

One of the most profound new truths I'm trying to own in my life is the fact that we are not promised tomorrow. If you really think about it and actually live your life according to that truth, it changes your perspective on everything. The present becomes a gift and the future, a hope. I guess I am stuck between the person the Lord is molding me to be and the person I've been lately.

I've always been someone to see the postive and potential but all I keep noticing are the flaws. I don't get it.

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