May 17, 2011

completely free and utterly surrendered

God's creation always provides food for thought. Whether its, putting my feet in the ocean, standing on a cliff over looking the north coast of Ireland or sitting out on my little porch over looking hills of tree's out in the middle of nowhere Arkansas.

It's reflective.

I am a visual learner. That doesn't undermine all other types of ways to learn, it just means I grasp concepts best when they're presented visually. And oh how I love something beautiful to visualize. Maybe that explains why I like nice things or how I would prefer to wear dresses. I can appreciate the aesthetically pleasing things in life.

My point is that despite my negative view of Arkanstank, I've been surrounded by beauty this summer. And its tugging at my heart to crawl back to where I'm completely surrendered and utterly free to fall in love with Jesus. Again.

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brittney said...

dear sus,

i love your heart. you inspire and encourage me more than you know.