April 2, 2011

"Oh my life is changing everyday, every possible way..."

Listening to the Cranberries always has a positive effect on my mood. I'm not sure why? Maybe it reminds me of a few summer's ago (the picture above is from that summer)...

Speaking of summer, it's approaching fast. I've decided to stay in Siloam for the summer. I will be working (nannying) and hanging out with a few close friends who have decided to stay as well.

I can't compare any of my summers to each other. Each have produced such different outcomes. It feels like yesterday that I was documenting this past summer (daily) on here. Granted, I did nothing all summer so I had the time. This past summer's posts are some of my favorite. I just didn't care to think about who was reading this and started to get real with what was really going on internally. I hope I can always be that honest.

Speaking of being honest, I'm scared about this summer. Not about practical needs really, like where I will live, or being away from my favorite place for a whole summer... I'm scared of slowing down and letting the best semester I've had at JBU go to waste. This semester has been the best one yet. It hasn't been the most fun or the least challenging acedmically, but it's been the sweetest time with good friends and a time of personal growth. I've been discovereing what I want, but more importantly what God wants for my life. My desires have been replaced with His and now I'm growing in patience as I trust Him.

I am looking forward to no school work for a few months and warm weather, but I'm not ready for this semester to end quite yet. So much good has come of this time in my life and I've invested my heart in it. I'm scared of loosing the good that I've gained from this semester.

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