April 25, 2011

"I just don't want to do today"-my roommate

I managed to get through the whole semester without having to buy an umbrella or a rain coat. Today it poured. It takes roughly 5 to 7 minutes to walk from my room to class. Half way there, it started to really come down and I just gave up. People frantically ran past me, most of them had rain coats, but not me. Nope, I just let it happen. My hair didn't dry for several hours after that and wearing white was not the best wardrobe choice.

The funny thing was, I didn't actually mind. I hated today the moment I opened my eyes, but for whatever reason the rain was redeeming. I could walk into a building and look pissed because it was raining, and everyone accepts melancholy when you look like you just got hit by a tidal wave. I like it when I'm allowed to just be. It makes being authentic a whole lot more comfortable.

The thunder was so very lovely today too.

When I was little I used to run in the rain bare foot and jump in the puddles. I loved summer rain, when the pavement was warm and the large puddles were contrastingly cold. I would lay in the puddles and place my face on the warm, steamy, concrete pavement. I just loved it.

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