January 27, 2011

And there I was sitting among my peers, assaulted by the many broken hearts, crying out in desperation to be known by a God much bigger than us.

I asked, "How are we so careless with one another? Do we not realize who we are surrounded by? Why are we not more careful? How could anyone take a step out there front door and not be confronted by the hundreds of hearts just barely beating? And say nothing? Surely we are not so naive to think that our world (jbu) is not also sabotaged with the ugliness of sin? And what now?"

Authenticity. Own the truth that you are loved and live your life like you believe it. Its a daily battle and its not easy to wrap your mind around, but fostering an emotive place to bear behind a broken heart is not helping. Please, someone call me out when I'm not living my life like I believe that God became man, was crucified, buried and rose again conquering death. Because sometime I need a smack back into this reality, rather then a shoulder to cry on.

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