December 7, 2010

My first experiences back in the States...

The flight attendants to Atlanta from Dublin had southern accents, were loud, pushy and overly friendly. Its interesting to pick up on things that were always normal before and now seem so different.

Once I got to my gate in Atlanta to catch a flight to Saint Louis, I sat down and just soaked in my environment. Across from me was an elderly black man and his wife eating fried chicken out of a bag. Surrounding me were 5 TVs all tuned to different news stations blabbing on and on about whatever political scandal. I've always been fascinated with politics, mostly because I'm passionate about my country...But having not watched CNN or FOX for the past three months, I realized just how much of Washington consists of trivial matters (this is not to say that there are not important issues being addressed, but there is so much other crap).

Starbucks shaken iced green tea and lemonade was my first drink once I was in Atlanta and it tasted like summer. It was a good feeling when I stepped off the plane in Atlanta, I was definitely glad to be back in America.

This morning I woke up to breakfast in my own bed, thanks mom!

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Kate said...

My first day back consisted of sleeping and building a fire by myself while my parents were at work.

I'm glad we both got home, but i miss ya.