November 14, 2010

Cheetah Princess

Trip update! We went to Sligo, visited William Butler Yeats' grave and read aloud a few of his poems. Sligo was a place of inspiration for Yeats, he depicts it's beautiful characteristics in some of his poetry. It was a cold day, but the views were astounding. It was so beautiful even I contemplated writing something of my own.

This evening we went to Haddens Sunday night church service to listen to Ross Wilson speak about Art and the Church. Some of what he talked about, we had previously heard from when Ross came to talk to us earlier in the semester. He's an Irish artist, but his work is recognized world wide. On the way to church tonight, it was unusually foggy outside. It was beautiful the way the night lights lit up the fog surrounding the van as we traveled down the street. Sitting in the back of the van, staring out the window; it nearly felt like Christmas. I know, fog and snow are not the same, but it has the same feeling of being encased. There's something exciting about not being able to see three feet in front-all around you. However, listening to the snow fall is quite different. It's beautiful and silent, with a faint sound of fluff falling from the sky. If you could hear peace, that's what it would sound like.

And here I go rambling about snow! Well, I do admit that I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Speaking of, I return home in 3 weeks. It's becoming a bittersweet thought, leaving Ireland to go home to my family and friends. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, still got 3 weeks to make my Ireland semester even better! (gah, I'm such a positive polly)

I decided a few things today:
#1. I'm naming my dog gustav
#2. I'm going to say the phrase "Je t'aime ma petite chou chou" (i love you my baby cabbage) to my kids every day
#3. I'm going to sing "moon river" to them every night

Enough rambling...Bed time for bonzo!

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