October 5, 2010

Love me do

My roommate and I both get so involved with whatever we are focusing on, that the conversation breaks between are always full of great depth.

S:"you know what I really like about myself?"
S:"I know how to make my own fun...just like sitting here singing a song in a silly way, to make myself laugh."
K:"you know what you also know how to do?...make babies."
S:(pause)"...uhh yeah, good one."

We were told by a boy that our room smells like unicorn piss...(which apparently just means perfume fragrance) You can't tell anyone, but we light candles in our room and we're not technically aloud to. We also pick roses from the rose garden to put on our night stand. We're such rule breakers, ha!

I took a nap today after class, before dinner and I got woken up by Jazz (one of the guys in Ireland with me) running into my room exclaiming that he found "fake chicken" and i need to come down stairs for dinner to try some. It took me a while to come to, and understand what it was that he was so excited about...needless to say, the vegetarian "chicken" and garlic pasta dinner was delicious. Jazz is the only other technical vegetarian in the house, Jordan Skinner eats meat occasionally. I'm sure you are all wondering why I decided to become a vegetarian, it's not outside of my personality to make a drastic life change on a whim. It's not that drastic, and I don't really have a legit reason other then I want to. I like change and after talking with Jazz and a few others, it just seemed natural.

This semester I want to put more of an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. So far I've enjoyed being creative, coming up with different dishes. I'm not sure if the cook is very happy with my sudden decision, so I'm trying my best not to be difficult.

Just a little bit ago, Kate and I decided to walk 10 minutes down the road to co-op foods (a mini grocery store) to buy diet coke. yum! I bought a lemonade fanta (basically sparkling lemonade-so good!) and baby bell cheese. Another great thing about Ireland is the cheese here is especially good.I just love cheese, you have to know this.

No class on Wednesday means a visit to Topshop.

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priscilladanai said...

one. i love topshop SO MUCH
two. if they have fanta exotic get it!
three. get VIMTO. its soooooo good. (its a drink). you'll love it.