September 13, 2010

sitting Indian style is my favorite.

I'm sitting on my bed, Indian style, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a piece of banana bread. Our first "team" meeting is in thirty minutes and I have yet to get out of my "jammies". Last night I talked with John (one of my professors, he lives in the house) about class and what our first assignment is going to be. We were sitting on the ground, Indian style quoting billy Madison and Tommy boy...He's a funny guy but not naturally like some people, if that makes sense. The more and more I talk with people here in the house, the more I realize just how quirky we all are. It's going to be a semester of laughs, for sure!

Well here's to a new semester of lots of reading and writing.

New Irish phrase: "What's the crack?" "The crack is good" It means what's fun/good/happening

I'm in love with their accents, especially the little kids, so cute!
our house


GLB said...

John is real cool. :)

Anonymous said...

*craic (irish for fun)