August 10, 2010

Yes. That is me. With a gun.

I don't care what your thoughts are when you think of Kansas...let me just say, Kansas people know how to have fun! A friend got married this weekend in Protection, Kansas. I think the population is 600 or something crazy small. It was a country-classy-cute wedding. After the wedding we hung out with the "Kansas boys" from JBU in Meade, Kansas which is an hour away from where the wedding was. Let me just sum up the weekend: We went repelling off of a silo (where they store wheat, it kind of looks like a big water tower) underneath the stars, it was beautiful! I have never seen that many stars in my life. We rode dirt bikes and crotch rockets. I wanted to pet a cow, because I never have before of course, and ended up chasing them haha. I have this weird fascination with cows. I shot my first gun an AK 47 and a revolver, now that was fun! And we rode in what they call "strip downs" Basically it's an old car with all the doors, windows, hood, and roof taken off and a roll bar on the top (looks like a cage). We went flying down dirt roads, drifting, racing, and doing donuts...We got so dirty. It was a ton of fun!

Driving back to Wichita with Anne, Taylor and Katie we were processing the weekend (such a girl thing to do) Anne turns to me and says, "well pusan(my nickname from her), could you ever see yourself living in a town like that?" My reply, "It would take a miracle". Kansas is beautiful and my preconceived notions of it were wrong, but I am and will forever be, a city girl.

It was so great to catch up with those girls, and on the way to the wedding, I stopped in Kansas City to see Johanna a really close friend of mine. God blessed me tremendously this weekend. Fellowship with great friends, testing my trust in Him and revealing even more of His beauty. I left for the weekend in a frenzy. I decided to make sure I knew where my passport was five minutes before I left, and of course...I couldn't find it. I left for my 4 hour drive to KC freaking out. Praying my heart out, asking God to overlook my irresponsibleness and that I would find it and avoid a grueling process of applying for a new passport. I thought about it all weekend, and finally called my mom with a burdened and panicked heart. I'm leaving for Ireland in less then 3 weeks. My moms response was typical of her, but was exactly what God wanted me to do, "Susan, you better get on your knees to pray and don't stop till you're not worried any more".

And I did. I finally reached a point of realization as I was climbing the huge silo. I prayed, "Jesus, if I trust my life to a rope and a harness, then I better trust you with my passport. I could die jumping off this, and I want to trust in you completely with all things small or big. I'm not repelling off this silo until I have trusted you completely, whether or not I find my passport or have to trust you even more that I can get a new one in time, or maybe change my plans completely. It will all work out, maybe not the way I want it too...but I trust You".

A phone call at 6 the next morning, my mom had found my passport. I sat in that small country church that Sunday morning praising God, and thanking Him for His faithfulness. God is so good, and worthy of our praise in all things, good times and bad.

I'm overwhelmed with how good He is. Every blessing in my life, all the glory goes to Him...I am nothing without Him, nothing. It takes realizing every day the reality that my next breathe is a gift, my family, friends, education...everything is a gift and I owe God a million 'thank you' cards.

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GLB said...

SUSAN. Where did you go?! Tell me you did not leave facebook, pleeeeaaase. It's my main source of communication with you! And I freaking miss you! :(