April 9, 2010

Praying Naked

What are you doing with your life?
Whats really important to you?
Who's really important to you?
Who are you?

Such loaded questions prance around my mind whenever I'm in the shower. haha I know its kind of weird, and slightly awkward...but I always think about the BIGGER ideas of life when showering. Recently, I had an epiphany...or as I like to call it a "Jesus moment" while in the shower.

To be frank, my spiritual life has been at an ultimate lull. I just felt stagnant, complacent and bored. The more and more I opened up about it with friends, the more I realized this is a common theme.

We dismiss God at any ounce of discomfort, we poke fun at the "Christian" life and take prayer as a cop out.

We are wrong. All wrong. Look, if we can all accept here that there is a God, and that He created all including man, which he created in his own image, then we can conclude that He, GOD is core of who we are. CORE.

There is nothing worth searching for more, then Him. Screw your own insecurities about living out your life for Christ. Screw being "tired" of the Christian Church. Its the real deal. God is real. I don't care if you are living at JBU, your hometown or heck, across the world in another country. God, is the same here, then anywhere else. And he is core to who you are.

Stop fooling around, and start living your life with this greater purpose in mind.

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