January 29, 2010

I watched a moose fly by my window last night.

Art Director: Me
Model: Anne Stringfield
Photographer: Caleb Wanzer

Over edited? Maybe. I became obsessed with this Giorgio Armani ad in W magazine pictured below and well it inspired some photoshop fun...

I played around with the picture at the top, taken from a fashion shoot I did last semester. My attempt was to try and make her lips look black. I'm not claiming it to be anything but an experiment. I kind of like it though...

Anyway, another one bites the dust. The shoot today went well, had some fun while we were at it, too. Lets just hope we got some good shots. You're just a means to an end, its against my nature to treat you like that, but I guess its what it is. Kind of unfortunate.

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