December 1, 2009

lets take back last semester and pretend we never met.

I want to be there. Home, snuggled up inside watching the snowfall in the bay window that over looks acres of woods. 2 weeks, and I will.


I'm so tired. I want to throw up word vomit right now. Alas, I will contain myself. It may be the stresses of school that cause these feelings, but for some reason I'm just hating life right now.

It was so relaxing and fun to be home. I just could let go, and not have a care in the world.

I don't know what I want. It would be easier if I did.

...but who really knows what they want at this point in life?


Kate said...

i envy you.
i don't want to go home.

priscilladanai said...

susan, you can always call me!!