November 27, 2009

I'm not a cook, the turkey was dry, my family is crazy, I'm ready for black Friday.

Did you know that the United States was the first Country to dedicate a day to giving thanks to God? Pretty sweet!

Thankful for Thanksgiving.

I always help out in the kitchen on thanksgiving, although I will admit that most of the time I try to sneak away to watch football with my brothers or the parade down town. I'm pretty good at finding those places in the house where I am out of sight. I'm usually then dragged into the kitchen to peel potatoes or something...

This year, I helped out. I wanted to. I was greeted with snide remarks from my 16 year old sister;

"Susan you can't cook..."

"CLAIRE, yes I can! Anything with directions, and I can cook it"

She just laughed at me and said "oookay, Susan..."

I will have you know that I made the green bean casserole, successfully, and the cornbread... unsuccessfully. haha I forgot to add sugar or something.

What an unusual Thanksgiving meal. When your siblings get married, things change. I'm not complaining, but its true. Both of my older brothers we're off at their spouses side of the family for Thanksgiving, and my sister Genevieve is in China.

It's become an inevitable tradition of mine to spill my red sparkling grape juice on the white table cloth every thanksgiving.

Without my brothers at the dinner table this year, there was no mocking or teasing me about my clumsy habit. In fact I didn't spill my drink at all. In fact we switched up the beverages this year, and instead of the infamous red sparkling grape juice, we drank sparkling cider, which is white.

My family is crazy and I fear for people who have any structure in their life to meet them. It's funny that both of my brothers married women who are very structured and are both planners. It's actually humorous to watch. Heres the thing, Greathouse's are famous for being very adaptable, chill and go with the flow types of people...when mixed with opposing qualities, lets just say it would make a very humorous and interesting movie.

entertaining, to say the least.

The turkey was dry this year, which may have put a damper on my mood.

Saw the Christmas Carol in 3-d with my family, that was fun.

Black Friday tomorrow. AH I love shopping, it gives me an adrenaline rush. I might just have to blog again tomorrow to tell of the insane nightmare stories.


Kate said...

i don't like black friday.

Generally, I don't support a materialistic holiday where people have been known to duke it out over STUFF.

Plus, I hate that kind of tense chaos. Everybody is aggressive and selfish.

Buuuut moving on. haha.
I love cooking! Can we just live together? I'll cook and plan and you can be my entertainment.

Susan said...

haha Oh Kate. we are so different.
I want you to know that I embrace that.


I'm thinking, Loft in a hip city where we can have dinner parties and such :)

lets do it!