May 4, 2009


So a way to get around me actually confessing this to my parents, I will confess it on an online blog that pretty much no one reads, except for you :) (whoever is reading it now) Like I said before, 'My Fair Lady' is a blog designed for me to vent, for me. I simply do not mind if others read it.

Now that we have that established, lets get down to the dirty deed. Well not THE dirty deed, do not fear. I feel a slight bit of guilt because I know that I have done/been doing something that is unorthodox and simply wrong.

Here it is. I have been spending my trust fund money that is meant for, and ONLY for tuition on random things that a college student can not live with out. These important items may be found at Wal-mart, McDonalds, Sonic, Aloha tans, Cafe on Broadway, and the occasional taco bell....

I am too scared to look at exactly how much I have spent, but now I find myself in a pickle. Yes, my dirty deed has come to back to bite me in the butt. Of course, right? I now owe the school more money than I had anticipated, but the money that is supposed to pay that has gone to the economic stimulus of Siloam Springs Arkansas, and there is no way getting it back....

Now I turn to the parents, hoping that somehow they will not notice, and will pay off my debt to school. I have learned my lesson's. Lesson number one: never, ever (under any circumstance) let me have a debit card. Lesson number two: never, ever (under any circumstance) let me have money at my finger tips. Lesson number three: do not take for granted the money that has been gifted to you. And Final Lesson number four: When receiving the trust fund in following years sign it DIRECTLY over to school, and NEVER (under any circumstance) put it into your bank account.

whew. I feel better, now I grovel in my own sin, head hung low, as I continue with life...

have a good one.

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