April 5, 2009

My God Reigns

This is a picture of Abraham about to sacrifice his son Isaac because the Lord told him to, when an angel of the Lord stopped him...

God tested Abraham to see if he was willing to give up his dream baby, Isaac. Sarah was barren, but by Gods grace, gave birth to Isaac at a very old age, making him a miracle baby. Abraham loved Isaac and waited years for him. God wanted to see if Abraham would give up his dream in obedience to God.

This makes me think about the "Isaacs" in my life, the dreams or desires or Idols that I cherish. Would I be willing to give them up to follow Christ if He asked me to? It's a tough question, and a real trust issue. Do I trust the plans that God has for me? This story is not about giving up your desires or about giving up what you truly love, but it's about keeping Christ overall, and not letting other people or things come between you and your Savior.

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